Elite Pen Prove (Red)

Giá : 5.850.000 VND
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Chia sẻ sản phẩm thông qua :

- Powered by Japanese Motor
- Crafted from solid aircraft aluminum by Precison CNC
- The springs inside the pen can be disassembled and assembled in 1 minutes easily, No any technology requirement.
- Upgraded Swash Pallet to make sure the needle drive bar never stucked.
- ELITE PROVE PEN desinged with long grip for stability and confortable handling.
- Operating Volate: 6-12V
- Standard 3.5mm Stroke
- Standard RCA connection
- Length only 114mm
- One Year Limited Warranty


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Elite Pen Prove (Red)

Elite Pen Prove (Red)

Elite Pen Prove (Red)

Elite Pen Prove (Red)

Elite Pen Prove (Red)
Elite Pen Prove (Red)