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Weigh 0.9000
Manufacturer Piranha Tattoo
Giá : 4.950.000 VND

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Compakt Tattoo Power Supply by Piranha Tattoo Supplies

Tattoo with the swiftness and ferocity of a Piranha using this revolutionary Compakt Power Supply. With a single knob that controls all settings, this lightweight power supply unit is efficiently designed for tattoo artists on the go.

A single touch of the knob automatically enables “free mode” and with an effortless turn, tattoo artists can choose between four preset speeds for optimized and configurable tattooing procedures. Artists also have the option to save and edit their presets for future use.

A simple press of the knob allows artists to easily switch between “continuous mode” or “footswitch mode” according to their needs. The Compakt Power Supply features a footswitch input so that artists can choose to run their machines with or without a pedal.

The Compakt Power Supply also features revolutionary engineering and a design that sets it apart from other popular brands on the market in versatility, function, and performance. A completely re-engineered PCB board, input over voltage protection, and output short circuit protection are some of the many features that optimize stability so that artists can truly focus on their work. The unit itself has an anodized aluminum body for extra scratch and shock resistance, and comes equipped with magnetic feet for a convenient setup anywhere.

This listing is for one Compakt power supply equipped with an AC cord and two magnetic international outlet adapters.


  • Input Voltage: 24v
  • Output Voltage: 3–19v; 14W
  • Single knob controls all settings
  • Touch-sensitive power on for automatic “free mode”
  • Four presets for optimized procedures; save, edit, and use up to 4 different speeds
  • Continuous and footswitch mode options(foot pedal use is optional)
  • Clip cord input for tattoo machines
  • Designed to protect from external short circuits or excess voltage
  • Extruded aluminum construction with anodized body for scratch and shock resistance
  • Compact and lightweight for on-the-go tattooing
  • Magnetic feet allow for convenient setup
  • Power adapter cord and 2 international outlet adapters included
  • Manufactured in Europe

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